Network Ready Intelligent Bridge & DVR

EG ENGINE is your unique security system manager: it can integrate IP or analog cameras, and allows connecting to other existing security systems.

It supports local management through a touch screen panel and remote access with a supervisor EG Xentinel platform, both in a public existing Network Computing structure or in a “private” Network Computing architecture.


    1. Sensor bridge system
    1. DVR System
    1. Integrates sensors and cameras
    1. Two 10/100/1000 Mbit Ethernet port
    1. From 4 to 16 IP or Analog channels
    1. On-board “Blob Motion Tracking“ image analysis
    1. EG Xentinel platform compatible

    1. All in one
    1. Intrusion detection system
    1. CCTV system
    1. Access Control system
    1. Smoke and fire detection system
  • General Description

    EG ENGINE is modular: multiple EG ENGINES can be connected together transparently and be managed as a single unit. On-board and transmitted data are secured by proprietary encrypted protocols ensuring the highest level of privacy and protection.


    1. Building management made easy

      – Eurotech EG ENGINE is designed to integrate and manage any device in a security system. It seamlessly merges the intrusion detection system, the video surveillance system and the access control system, all in one machine.
    1. Performance

      – EG ENGINE can directly connect up to 256 sensors, 16 analog or IP camera, and can integrate other units, such as fire detectors, access control systems and DVRs.
    1. Data

      – Data and High Definition images are stored inside the machine in H264, MJPEG or MPEG4 format. EG ENGINE supports also Low Definition streaming to a remote EG Xentinel supervisor in a public Network Structure or in a Private Network structure. On demand retrieval of HD images stored in the machine is also supported.
    1. Installation

      – SekuEngine is very user friendly: available in rack and embedded versions, it supports extended temperature range (-10°C to 50°C).

    1. PROCESSOR From Celeron to Intel® I7™ depending on the model
    1. MEMORY From 2 to 8 GB depending on the model
    1. STORAGE From 0,25 to 2 TB depending on the model (Raid1 option)
    1. PORT & I/O
    1. N°2 10/100/1000 Ethernet port
    1. RS485 port
    1. N°6 input TTL
    1. N°2 output TTL
    1. Up to 256 sensor with SekuFIELD option on RS485 network
    1. COMMUNICATION Ethernet, RS485
    1. STREAMING Double configurable streaming H.264
    1. POWER SUPPLY 24 VDC from 15W to 50W depending on the model
    1. DIMENSIONS 375 x 70 x 295 mm
    1. WEIGHT Approx. 3 Kg
    1. HUMIDITY 80% Relative humidity non condensing
    1. OPTIONS
    1. Mechanical rack mounting
    1. Redundant power supply
    1. Raid1 kit
    1. SekuFIELD
    1. SekuPANEL
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