Plate reading IP cameras

EG PLATE is a compact, elegant and high-performance IP-based license plate recognition system. Plate detection from incoming vehicles can be accomplished without the use of induction coils or other sources of external input.


    1. License plate recognition at up to 290km/h (180mph)
    1. Day & Night operation in all weather and light conditions
    1. OCR libraries for up to 27 European States
    1. Over-IP communications
    1. Web-configurable
    1. Durable, IP66 enclosure
    1. EG Xentinel ready

    1. Access control in Restricted Traffic Areas
    1. Access control for public and private parking
    1. Law enforcement
    1. Traffic flow analysis
    1. Access control to residential areas
    1. Toll collection systems
  • General Description

    Identification for plates from the 27 EU States is available.

    Based on cutting edge algorithms, EG PLATE features a one of the best recognition rates, thus ensuring extreme reliability.

    An intuitive web GUI makes it easy to configure operating parameters and to manage access and warning lists as well as providing statistical analysis of detections. Plate data and images can be stored locally on internal memory, sent to a remote FTP supervisor or to the EG Xentinel platform.


    Plate recognition

    1. EG PLATE has been designed to read vehicle license plates in all weather and light conditions.
  • Performance

    1. Operating at 25 images per second, EG PLATE captures, and analyses license plates.
    1. Identification is possible for vehicles moving at speeds of up to 400Km/h (250mph) with an external trigger or up to 290km/h (180mph) in free running mode.
    1. Data and Communications – Data and images can be stored locally on internal memory as well as sent to the customer’s remote monitoring system or to EG Xentinel platform. Available communication protocols include ESTP (Eurotech Security Transmission Protocol),
    1. FTP, TCP, RS-232; data exchange is provided in CSV format.
  • Installation

    1. Operating temperature ranges from -10°C to 50°C.
    1. The system can be pole or wall mounted. It sports an elegant and robust chassis, making EG PLATE versatile and reliable.
    1. Set up is intuitive and fast: once mounted and connected, EG PLATE configuration requires setting just a few basic parameters
  • Software

    1. EG PLATE comes with recognition libraries for 27 EU countries, Kemler code (dangerous goods), 30 extra-EU countries, arabic characters.

    1. SENSOR BW HD (Plate Reader), COLOR HD (Context)
    1. 1GB RAM
    1. OPERATING SYSTEM Microsoft® Windows 7
    1. STORAGE CompactFlash
    1. PORT & I/O
    1. 10/100/1000 Ethernet port
    1. N°2 input PNP 5-30Vdc optoisolated
    1. N°2 output relay
    1. N°1 RS-232 port
    1. COMMUNICATION Ethernet, Serial
  • Camera: JPEG
    1. Context Camera: H.264, MPEG4, MJPEG, JPEG Configurable
    1. OCR LIBRARIES 27 EU countries, Kemler code (dangerous goods), 30 extra-EU countries, arabic characters
    1. POWER SUPPLY +24-30V DC 15W
    1. DIMENSIONS 203 x 125 x 184 mm
    1. WEIGHT 2,5 Kg ~
    1. HUMIDITY 90% Relative humidity non condensing
    1. ILLUMINATOR CLASS 1M CEI EN 69825-1 ED. 4, 850 nm IR LED
    1. Wall bracket
    1. Pole bracket
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