Intelligent IP cameras

EG CAM is an “smart” surveillance camera, it is dedicated to installations of high performance systems, based on the innovative and efficient concept of distributed intelligence.


    1. 10/100Mbit Ethernet port
    1. H264 Video compression
    1. 10+ on-board image analysis algorithms
    1. Day & Night operation
    1. High Resolution: up to 5Mpixel
    1. Double streaming
    1. Internal recording: images and alarm sequences
    1. EG Xentinel compatible
    1. 12Vdc or POE power in

    1. Perimeter surveillance
    1. Large area control
    1. Traffic control
    1. Parking control
  • General Description

    It uses advanced software, working directly aboard the product thanks to embedded processor, which exploit the possibility to analyze the high resolution images, before being compressed for the streaming transmission. This is possible thanks to the efficacy of the identification algorithms which operates in real time.

    It has blob motion tracking algorithms developed in order to notice, with a reliability rate absolutely elevated, the movement of persons or objects inside the scene framed by the camera.

    It is able to operate like a common IP camera inserted in a traditional security system, or inserted in a web virtualized system or cloud computing, in the Eurotech Everyware Cloud structure usable through EG Xentinel security platform.


    1. Born for surveillance

      – EG CAM is the intelligent camera that enables processing images while simultaneously streaming optimized video over the network.
    1. Performance

      – EG CAM analyzes in real time up to 30 frames per second in uncompressed RAW format. It includes an image processor with a computing capacity comparable to a personal computer. This camera is designed to match high end security systems.
  • Data

    1. – Data and images can be stored directly on the SD card or on the internal solid state HD (optional). Automatically streams video related to alarm sequencies. Compatible with ONVIF. The device is EG Xentinel platform ready.
    1. Installation

      – An elegant and robust enclosure makes SekuCAM a user-friendly and reliable product, that can be quickly installed on a wall or pole. Connect it to the network, perform a simple and fast set-up and SekuEYE will start to protect you.
    1. Software

      – A simple graphical interface allows to set the areas of interest where powerful image analysis algorithms process complex events. The on-board software is robust and tolerates environmental phenomena and other transients, reducing false alarms.
  • Software features include:

    1. Security library software for the analysis of motion, trajectories, abandoned objects, panic and crowds.
    1. Library for traffic counting, classification, average speed, queue detection, pedestrian safety, wrong-way detection.
    1. Biometric facial recognition, user profiling, people counting.
  • Data Security

    1. – Images are stored on-board and sent over the network with highly reliable protocols ensuring the highest level of privacy and protection.


    1. 1GB RAM DDR3
    1. 512 MB Flash card iNAND
    1. OPERATING SYSTEM Linux Kernel 2.6

    1. SD/MMC
    1. HD SSD (optional)
  • PORT & I/O

    1. N°1 10/100/1000 Mbit Ethernet
    1. N°1 RS485 port
    1. N°2 input 15VDC optoisolated
    1. N°2 output relay 250V 2A
    1. N°1 audio channel input
    1. Strobo signal: from 1 to 5000 μs configurable

    1. Ethernet, Serial, Wifi (optional), GPRS HSPA (optional)
    1. STREAMING Double H.264 Configurable STREAMING
    1. POWER SUPPLY +9-24VDC 11W o POE (optional)
    1. DIMENSIONS 168 x 112 x 250 mm
    1. WEIGHT 3 Kg
    1. HUMIDITY 90% Relative humidity non condensing
    1. PROTECTION IP45 or IP65

    1. WiFi 802.11G
    1. GPRS HSPA
    1. POE
    1. HD SSD
    1. Wall bracket
    1. Pole bracket
  • Accessories

    1. RJ45 10/100 Ethernet adapter
    1. RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet adapter
    1. AC97 adapter
    1. 4x USB connector adapter
    1. 2mm to 2.54mm IDE cable
    1. Cable Kit
    1. Development Kit

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